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Denture Repair

Dentures tend to wear down over time, and when they do, they need to be repaired.
Additionally, removable dentures can break or split when handled poorly. When this
happens, you need professional denture repair services. Denture repair involves
rebasing, relining, or just repair. Proper repair allows you to avoid the need to get a new
set of dentures, which can be expensive for you. The best thing to do is to come for
repair at a lower cost. We have an experienced team that has handled denture repair
for several years successfully, making sure that you go home with nearly-new dentures
that ill last you several years of daily use at the end of the day. The dentures are
repaired the same day, which means you don’t have to go an additional day without
your dentures. We have experience in denture design, fabrication, and maintenance.
Call us today to schedule an appointment for repair.