Importance of Dental Office Reviews

Importance of Dental Office Reviews

Fact: Research shows that more than 70 percent of patients rely on dental reviews to make a decision on which dental office to work with.

Word of mouth plays a very vital role when choosing a dental office. Whether you need to have a tooth extracted or implants fitted, you need to make sure you understand what is happening in the office. Reviews are the best way to understand what to expect from the dentist.

Getting Online Reviews for the Dental Office

An outstanding dental service shouldn’t convince you to pick the dental office. You need to understand what other people have gone through at the office and what they have to say about it. Experience matters a lot when it comes to making a decision.

While word of mouth from friends and peers can be a good thing, you will not always get someone to tell you about the dentist and what he does. You have to rely on online reviews.

The best place to get the reviews is on review sites – Google, Facebook, and Yelp. Another good place is the testimonials page on the website of the dentist.

Previous clients will post a review when asked to do so. You will notice that the dentist has put up notices for you to leave a review, which will help another client when they need to choose a dental office.

Consider Fresh Reviews

When reading reviews, you need always to consider recent ones rather than those that are more than 90 days old. You need to know what kind of treatment you are going to receive, and you can only get this when you have the most recent reviews rather than old ones.

Make sure you check out the reviews left behind on various sites.

Don’t Ignore Negative Reviews

Reviews can be positive or negative. When they are positive, they make it easy for you to make a decision. When they are negative, they make it hard for you to decide, even when you have a referral from a friend. However, always look at the testimonials on the site because a huge percentage of them are from real people.

Use the Reviews to Make a Decision

Once you have the right reviews, you can decide to use them to make a decision. Making a decision is all about knowing whether to work with the dental office or looking for other providers.

The online reviews are the best way to understand that the dental office is transparent. You will be reassured that the person who will handle your operation is trustworthy and able to do what they promise to do.

Types of Reviews

When looking for reviews about the dental office, you will have to read about two types:

Dental Office Reviews

This is a critique of the dental office by previous customers. The elements include customer service, the experience of the tea, and the delivery of service. These are written by a customer that has had prior experience dealing with the dental office. The review will not include any information on the treatment provided.

You can get these in Google ad texts and the dental website.

Product/Service Reviews

This is a critique of an individual service or dental product by previous customers. The elements might include the ease of fitting, durability, size, fit, and the suitability. The review is usually written after the product, or the service has been used.

These can be found on the dentist’s homepage and other review sites.

Both these can be verified or unverified reviews. Unverified reviews are those that are left after ordering a service, and they cannot be verified. They carry little weight because they cannot be confirmed. Verified reviews are those that are authentic and carry a lot of weight. The reviewer will usually provide proof that they used the service.


Everyone knows the importance of going to the dentist and the courage it requires. However, the need is there if you want to keep your teeth strong and healthy. User reviews make it easier for you to get the perfect office for your needs. Check out our website for the different reviews that are left by humans, and use this to make a decision.

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