Signs You Need Dental Implant Treatment

Signs You Need Dental Implant Treatment

Facts: More than 30 percent of adults miss multiple teeth and need implants.

Your smile is the best accessory you have when it comes to maintaining the perfect smile. When you have all your teeth intact, you will improve your self-confidence and smile better. We all have that unique smile that makes people draw closer to us; however, when you don’t have a good smile, people will wonder whether you are ok. Missing one or more teeth might interfere with various functions of the teeth, including chewing and talking. Using dental implants can help you replace lost teeth so that your teeth can function as usual. However, you need to qualify for the implants before you can have them placed. So, what are the top signs that you need dental implants?

You Have Missing Teeth, or Your Teeth are Severely Chipped

Losing teeth is not a rare occurrence – studies show that more than half the adult population has one or more teeth missing. Teeth can be lost due to accidents, impact, or dental decay. When you have missing teeth, you need to replace them with implants that hold dentures or a crown. The best thing is that the resulting teeth are comfortable, stable, and appear natural. Visit a dental implants Brooklyn clinic so that a dentist can fabricate the appliances to appear like and work the same way natural teeth do. The implants’ stability and durability allow you to talk normally, eat and laugh without having to worry about slipping dentures.

You Have Ill-Fitting Dentures that Cannot Be Adjusted

If you have been using dentures for some time and find that you have to go to the dentist to have them adjusted after every few months, you need to opt for implants. Dentures can easily slip when the initial configuration gets lost. When dentures don’t fit so well, they can slip or even fall out when you speak. You will spend a lot of time trying to keep them in place. Adhesive might help hold them in place, but you won’t have to use adhesive all the time. Using dentures will eliminate the problem of ill-fitting dentures and allow you to brush and floss them the way you do natural teeth. Additionally, you won’t have to go for regular adjustments, which becomes expensive with time. Using implants makes the dentures stable. Call us today to enjoy dental implants Brooklyn 11203 services.

Broken or Cracked Teeth

Another sign that you need to opt for dental implants is when you have broken or cracked teeth. These can arise due to an accident or impact from active sports. The jagged edges can injure your oral tissues and leave sores, causing a lot of pain. Make sure you find a qualified dental implants Brooklyn 11223 provider fast. Extracting the tooth is the last option because the dentist tries as much as he can to save the natural tooth. On the contrary, if the tooth is damaged beyond saving, then the best option is to extract the tooth and use an implant to save the adjacent teeth.

Extreme Toothache

If you experience extreme toothache, you need to talk to a dental implants Brooklyn 11224 provider to have the tooth extracted and replaced with an implant. The main cause of toothache might be that the tooth is badly infected, in which case the dentist decides the best option. If the infection has penetrated the jawbone, then the next best thing is to extract the tooth and then using an implant in its place. The dentist will talk to you about the various options and give you the right one that will suit your needs. Toothache can make your life unbearable, with dental implants, you get to treat the issue and retain your teeth’ function, just like before.

Changes in Your Facial Structure

If you have been missing teeth for some time, your facial structure will change. Teeth are a major part of your oral tissues, and the teeth hold the cheeks and other facial structures together. The teeth are the ones that give you that full look. Without the teeth, then your cheeks will lose the support they need to be full, giving you a sunken look. This makes you appear older than you already are. As you grow old, your bone deteriorates, and using dentures won’t stimulate the bone’s growth the same way that implants do, meaning the bones continue deteriorating. The result is that your face becomes sunken. The first step after losing teeth is to find a top dental implants Brooklyn 11229 clinic.

Loss of Tooth Function

Over time, your teeth change, especially with aging. You experience issues with the bite and grinding. If you notice that something isn’t right with your teeth, you need to visit a dental implants Brooklyn 11234 provider to have the teeth checked immediately. While the dental implant treatment might not be the first course of action, the dentist will consider it as an option after all. The dentist takes time to assess the situation and comes up with a treatment plan that suits your needs. The treatment plan aims to make sure that you resume proper teeth function without having to lose all your natural teeth.

You are Tired of Dealing with Messy Denture Adhesives and Gruesome Denture Care

If you have ever had dentures made for you, then you know the drill – you have to take the dentures out to clean them time and again, and you need to apply denture adhesives to keep them in place all the time. This isn’t easy for many people. If you don’t want to deal with denture adhesive all the time, then dental implants from an expert dental implants Brooklyn 11235 provider are the best way to keep the adhesives away. With dental implants, you don’t have to change the way you clean your teeth; you can take care of the implants the same way you handle the natural teeth.

The Bottom-line

Dental implants are one of the best ways to replace missing teeth. Call us today to begin the process of fitting dental implants for you or a family member.

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