Dentures versus Implants and Why You Need Affordable Dentures Brooklyn 11229 Treatment

Dentures versus Implants and Why You Need Affordable Dentures Brooklyn 11229 Treatment

About 10 percent of adults are missing all their upper and lower teeth.

Studies indicate that at least 70 percent of adults aged 35 years and above have extracted at least one tooth due to decay, accidents, or gum disease. Losing one’s teeth can be quite stressful. Some people decide to live with the gap that way, while others often consider getting artificial replacements.

For individuals who opt to get replacements, there are several factors to consider, such as the cost, convenience, and durability associated with the method. Dental specialists often recommend that patients get the replacement done soon after the loss.

Some dental restoration options may include dentures and implants. Selecting which one to use may be challenging, especially when you do not have enough information about each one. Feel free to get in touch with us to enjoy “affordable dentures Brooklyn 11229” services, including thorough consultation.

This article compares dentures and implants and will assist you in making the right decision quickly.


Dentures refer to pieces of porous plastic material with artificial teeth attached to them. They can be partial or full, depending on the number of teeth lost by a patient. Dentures always sit on top of the gums and may get replaced in case they chip or break.

Dental Implants

Implants are surgical devices interfaced with our jawbone to provide support for other prostheses such as bridges, dentures and crowns. Dental implants always cost more than dentures, yet they are also the most common.

To better understand which option is the best between implant and dentures, let us first look at their advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dentures

Dentures look as natural as original teeth. They come in different shapes and sizes, and the acrylic material used to mimic the gum tissue closely matches the color of the gums. Dentures offer a more affordable way of replacing missing teeth.

They are often installed on the gum in a process that does not involve surgery. Existing dentures can be easily modified to accommodate any further tooth loss. When appropriately customized, they retain the height between lower and upper jaws, retaining your facial appearance. Dentures are more effective in patients who have several teeth missing. Find out from the experts at “affordable dentures Brooklyn 11229” which option is the best for you.

Since dentures are only placed on the gums, they need to be examined very often by a dentist so that they do not slip out of place and cause discomfort. They also do not last as long as implants. Patients need some time to get used to them since they can sometimes feel bulky and fake. Once they become loose, they can be easily noticed by other people.

To clean dentures, you will need to remove them.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dental Implants

Not only are implants durable, but also require less cleaning and maintenance. They are ideal for individuals who are seeking a lasting solution that completely resembles natural teeth. The procedure is done surgically, and the dentures are fitted in the jawbone. This helps to preserve the jawbone, thus maintaining the patient’s facial structure.

Dental implants can last for several years without the need for repair or replacement. They are more ideal for situations where only a few teeth need to be replaced. One great benefit of dental implants is that you can brush them the same way you do with regular teeth.

Some of the drawbacks associated with implants revolve around the cost and mode of installation. You need to undergo at least one surgery for them to be fixed. The recovery period will depend on your overall health, as well as the complexity of the surgery. The upfront cost is often too high, and most people avoid them because of this fact.

Dentures or Implants?

Both dentures and implants have their pros and cons. Deciding on the best option largely depends on the number of missing teeth and how much you want to preserve your gums and jawbone.

Dentures can be uncomfortable to wear and may need to be replaced frequently, yet they are also the cheapest. They are also suitable for individuals who are not allowed to undergo any surgical procedure. Implants are expensive to install but last longer and provide better health improvements compared to other dental options.


Suppose you are not sure which option to choose, feel free to consult our “affordable dentures Brooklyn 11229” clinic for the best recommendation. This will be easier if they are familiar with your health and dental history. The dentist may even help you to find other better options but will leave the final decision up to you.

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