When Should You see a “Pediatric Emergency Dentist Brooklyn”

When Should You see a “Pediatric Emergency Dentist Brooklyn”

Facts: Kids get into dental emergencies more common compared to adults due to their active lifestyles.

As much as we hope that your kid never gets to use emergency dental services, we also know that these little ones suffer a lot when an emergency arises, and you need to try and handle the emergency the right way. Dental problems in kids usually begin at a very young age, mostly when you ignore dental hygiene. Other issues also arise when your child is very active and knocks out a tooth or decay. Either way, you need to have a “pediatric emergency dentist Brooklyn” that will handle the emergency fast. A general dentist might help you, but not as much as one that has specialized in pediatric dentistry.

Intense Pain

Pain arises due to various causes in kids of alleges. Some of the common causes of dental pain include fractures of the teeth, decay, trauma due to impact, and the eruption of wisdom teeth. When this happens, try and clean the affected area using clean, warm water, check for any impacted food and remove it using dental floss, a clean finger, or a soft toothbrush. Next, apply a cold compress to the area to try and reduce the swelling. When the pain has subsided, call the emergency pediatric dentist and schedule for an appointment. The dentist will tell you what to do before you go in for the treatment; make sure you follow the directives to the latter. Make sure you opt for high quality emergency dentist Brooklyn NY services to enjoy these services.

A Knocked-Out Tooth

Many parents think that when a kid loses his tooth, then it is a good thing because it can be replaced easily – this is a wrong notion. Losing a tooth is just the beginning of problems if not handled the right way. When this happens, ensure you call the emergency pediatric dentist immediately so that they can try and replace the lost tooth. Generally, the emergency dentist will not attempt to re-implant a lost primary tooth because of the risk of damaging the tooth bud, thereby affecting the permanent tooth. If a permanent tooth has been knocked out, the dentist tries to re-implant it the right way, usually within the hour. To help, you can try and recover the lost tooth, clean it, and store it according to the dentist’s guidelines. The next step is to identify the best “emergency dentist Brooklyn NY services 11203” to handle the issue.

A Tooth Pushed Into the Jaw

At times, impact to the mouth can force teeth into the jawbone, both downwards and upwards. This usually happens in contact sports and accidents. In certain circumstances, the force is too much that it injures the tooth’s ligament and fractures the socket. If you suspect intrusion, you need to call the emergency dentist to tell you what to do before getting to the dental clinic. Depending on the circumstances, the dentist might wait for the tooth to erupt on its own or do root canal therapy to preserve the tooth’s structure. Either way, you need to treat the situation as an emergency and make sure it is handled right. Do you need “emergency dentist Brooklyn NY services 11223” today? You are in the right place.

A Broken Tooth

The tooth is made of several parts, but one of the most vital one is the crown, which is the visible part of the tooth. This is the part that receives a lot of impact and comes in contact with objects whenever there is an impact. The dentist will take time to assess the fracture and deem if it is necessary to use restorative dentistry to work on it, and which one specifically. The need to handle fractured teeth is because when teeth have sharp edges, they can injure the oral tissues, and can lead to irritation leading to infection. Before you pick the nearest “emergency dentist Brooklyn NY services 11224”, rinse the kid’s mouth using warm water, then place a cold, moist compress on the area. You can then give the kid pain killers that have been approved by the dentist.

Displacement of the Tooth

Displacement of the tooth happens when there has been an impact that has pushed the tooth to the side or back. The good thing is that the displaced tooth remains in the socket with the pulp still intact most of the time. Unfortunately, the tooth protrudes at a certain angle, and this might fracture the jawbone. In other circumstances, the tooth extrudes from the socket partially but can heal without the need for medication. However, if it is a permanent tooth, you need a dentist to help resolve the issue to save the tooth and prevent infection from setting in. Are you looking for an emergency dentist Brooklyn NY services 11229 provider? We provide these services for your child, visit us to know more.

Dental Concussion

At times, an impact on the tooth will not dislodge it from the socket nor make it chip; instead, it has just received a knock. This condition usually occurs in toddlers, and the outcome might be a permanent or a temporarily discolored tooth. The tooth might die off, which then turns dark. When you suspect this, you need to visit a pediatric emergency dentist Brooklyn NY services 11234 dental office and talk to the dentist.  Make sure you describe the series of events that led to the concussion. The dentist will advise you on what to do so that you get the best treatment for your child. We have seen parents that ignored this condition because they thought baby teeth would definitely get replaced ended up regretting.

Root Fracture

This is a result of direct trauma to the tooth. While it is common, it is not easy to notice it because the root is hidden from view. If you suspect a root fracture, then the dentist needs to perform a dental x-ray, which is a simple way to tell you that you need to get the kid to the dentist as fast as possible. The dentist will use the x-ray to determine the fracture’s exact position and the level of discomfort of the kid. The dentist will then monitor, treat, or extract the tooth as a worst-case scenario. With so many general dentists available, you need to take your time to get the right emergency dentist Brooklyn NY services 11235 office to handle your issue the right way.

Final Thoughts

Dental emergencies in kids can happen anytime, especially due to their active lifestyle. Make sure you work with a dentist that understands the needs of the kids and that gives you the best outcome.

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