Understanding Mini Dental Implants 2 of 2

Understanding Mini Dental Implants 2 of 2

Fact: The use of dental implants has increased over the years because of better access to dental health information.

Mini dental implants are a newer solution to replacing lost teeth. In the previous post, we have seen what a dental implant is and what makes them special for you. We have also seen the perfect candidate for dental implants.

Today, we look at the pros and cons of using these implants, so that we give you all the reason to make the perfect choice when it comes to choosing a restoration method.

The Merits of Dental Implants

These implants have been around for some time, and they provide various solutions to your dental needs. These come with many benefits:

You Don’t Need Complex Surgical Procedures

When it comes to regular dental implants, you have to undergo complex flap surgery. Since these are smaller and less complicated, they can be fitted without the need for extensive surgical procedures.

The whole process will take only one session, and they will be ready for use.

Shorter Healing Time

Since these implants don’t require complicated surgical procedures, you will heal faster compared to conventional implants. The prosthetic tooth can be fitted within a short time, and the healing process is just a matter of days, as compared to regular implants that often take months to heal.

This means you can now get back to your work within a short period; you don’t have to wait long for the implants to heal as they work faster.

Additionally, if you have insufficient bone, you can still use these implants without the need for bone grafting. Bone grafts usually take time, and they are also costly.

Less Discomfort

Since the process is short and less invasive, you don’t disturb the tissue. All you need is over the counter medication to take away the pain.

It Is Convenient

Usually, this procedure is completed in just one visit, and the patent can start eating normally the same day. This means you can maintain your diet just like before without needing to stick to soft foods all through.

They Are Comfortable

One of the issues that we have seen with regular dental implants is that they feel awkward and might slip. Mini implants don’t slip and are therefore comfortable. If you have dentures that are slipping out of place, then you can use these mini implants to improve and realign them.

They Maintain Your Facial Appearance

The mini dental implants are affixed in the jawbone, which makes it act like a tooth root. When you have an implant fixed in the jaw bone, it won’t disintegrate, and you will maintain your facial appearance. You will look young because you will avoid facial collapse.

You get to Avoid Complications

You won’t experience implant failure when it comes to using mini dental implants. This is because the surgery is minimally invasive, and the dentist that fits the implants is fully qualified to do so. The dentist has refined the procedure over time, and he does it perfectly.

It Is Affordable

The cost of these dental implants is less than what you will pay for regular implants. Expect to pay less than 65 percent of the regular dentures’ cost, which makes these implants more affordable compared to the conventional ones.

As much as these dental implants come with many advantages, they also have some downsides that you need to be aware of.


You Need Adequate Vertical Bone

Mini dental implants need some bone to hold them in place. This means that they cannot be used in an area that has an extensive bone loss.

They are not for Everyone

If you grind your teeth voluntarily or involuntarily, you won’t be the right candidate for mini dental implants. Regular grinding of the implants will wear them down prematurely.

Final Thoughts

Mini dental implants are the best option when you don’t have adequate bone to support a full implant. As much as they are “mini” in shape, they still deliver the outcome you want. Are you still doubtful about these implants? Well, don’t worry, come to our dental clinic to find out more about the process and get the implants fitted right.

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