Partial dentures from The Denture Place Brooklyn 11229

Partial dentures from The Denture Place Brooklyn 11229

Studies show that an estimated 29 percent of adults aged 65 years and above had dental insurance.

Partial dentures are false teeth used to replace one or more teeth that have been lost and work alongside other natural teeth. They function best when with other natural teeth, as they act as a bridge between two teeth and are removable.

When one loses teeth, they have to close the gap so that the rest of the teeth stay in position too. Partial dentures perform this function, acting as the bridge between natural teeth neighbouring a gap. Without the dentures, the other natural teeth can change positions and become lose too.

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Benefitsof Partial Dentures

 1. Helps to prevent other natural teeth from shifting to different positions

The main benefit of partial dentures is they act as a bridge that closes the tooth gap left behind by the lost tooth/teeth. If the gap is left as is, the neighboring teeth will move into space over time, hence causing one to have crooked teeth. They also become lose as they move to fill that space, which means they are weaker and more prone to falling off.

Partial dentures are removable, and one can take them off at night and put them back in the morning. One shouldn’t stay for too long without them because then they become useless in helping the teeth stay in place. 

 2. They boost confidence

Partial dentures help close the gap when we lose teeth, which on a normal day, makes one lose confidence, especially when talking to people. Dentures end up looking like natural teeth, which improves the smile of an individual. As much as they might slightly look different from natural teeth when it comes to appearance, they improve speech and facial structure, which boosts confidence.

 3. Improves one’s quality of life 

Eating is made way easier with dentures, as one does not need to remove them when eating. They can eat normally, which is very hard when one loses one or two of their teeth. Also, there is improved speech when there are no gaps in the mouth, which is achieved by dentures. An individual has a better life when they have dentures than someone who has lost teeth and done nothing about it.

Advantages of Partial Dentures over Full Dentures

They can be removable: One good thing partial dentures is that they can be removed and put back. This is because, in most cases, they only replace one or two teeth, so there is no need for them to be permanent. This makes it easier to clean and adjust to, as one can get them off at night and put them back in the morning. 

This gives the teeth and mouth some time to relax, though it is advisable to keep them on as long as possible to prevent any teeth from shifting position. A visit to any of the Denture Place Brooklyn 11229 locations will give you access to more information on what to expect.

Easier to get used to

When new, it is easier to get used to having partial dentures as they only replace a few of the lost teeth. One still has a lot of their natural teeth, and the denture only acts as a reinforcement to the rest of the teeth. This makes it easier for someone to get used to having them in the mouth, unlike full dentures that replace teeth in the whole mouth. When used for a while and with a specific routine, it is easier to get used to an extra tooth that acts as a bridge with other natural teeth.


Because they only replace a section of lost teeth, they are mostly cheaper, and the charges depend on the number of teeth that need to be replaced. Compared to the full dentures that have more work and sometimes need surgery to get fixed, they are quite affordable. However, the cost also varies from one material to another and also from one doctor to another.

Easy to maintain

These dentures are easy to maintain and clean. All that one needs to do is soak them in warm water and brush them with a soft brush using a mild soap to remove food particles. They are also left in water overnight to be used in the morning. They do not need a lot of work keeping them clean and lasting. For more effectiveness, you also have to clean your natural teeth twice a day and floss to have both the dentures and your teeth clean. 

Teeth Loss Shouldn’t be The End

Loss of teeth should not be the end of one leading a quality life. Many options have come up, and partial dentures is just but one of them. At The Denture Place Brooklyn 11229 clinic, we have all it takes to give you the best partial dentures.

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