Invisalign for Adults: What You Need to Know

Invisalign for Adults: What You Need to Know

Facts: 3 out of every 10 adults have used Invisalign before.

Invisalign is a type of orthodontic treatment that helps in the alignment of teeth without braces. It uses custom-made clear plastic aligners are used to help shift teeth into proper position.

Reasons Why Adults Opt For Invisalign

Lack of Braces at a Younger Age

Adults who had crooked teeth but did not have them treated tend to opt for Invisalign to work about the straightening of teeth since most of them outgrow the use of braces.

Most individuals who ignore getting treatment of crooked teeth at a young age end up going for Invisalign treatment in their late ages since it is the safest method of alignment.

Shifting Of Teeth

In the old age, most adults suffer from teeth shift due to the continuous grinding of teeth, which leads to misplacement of jaws. Invisalign comes in handy in aligning shifting teeth. Due to the long-time continuous grinding of teeth, the jaws always shift, changing the normal mandibular structure. Invisalign capsules help in the alignment of jaws.

Accidents and Injuries

In old age, adults are vulnerable to injuries due to the weakening of their bones; in cases of accidents or injuries, Invisalign works best to repair the crooked teeth. Most adults suffer from dental trauma because of wearing out of the enamel and gums, Invisalign works best in cases of treating such conditions.

Growth of Wisdom Teeth

Growth of wisdom teeth brings about misalignment in teeth; hence after extraction, Invisalign is used to bring teeth back to its proper straight formation. The growth of wisdom teeth causes overcrowding in the mouth; hence Invisalign helps organize teeth back to normal order.

Reasons Why Invisalign Is Best For Adults

It is Barely Noticeable

Due to their translucent nature, they blend with teeth and do not attract attention compared to braces. Most adults prefer Invisalign due to their blending ability. Most individuals prefer Invisalign capsules because they can be used freely on all occasions without being suspicious of oneself.

It has High Flexibility

They can be easily removed on occasions that involve activities such as sports or when undergoing indoor activities such as eating. Invisalign capsules are made in such a way that they are customized to fit your teeth perfectly and are adjustable for removal during clean up or other activities involving oral organs.

It is Comfortable

Invisalign is best for adult’s comfortability as it fits accurately with teeth and can be easily removed or adjusted. Most adults prefer these capsules since, unlike other aligners, they don’t have sharp and pointing ridges that irritate when teeth grind.

Eliminates Discoloration

Most adults’ teeth are prone to discoloration due to their crusted enamel which exposes the dentin, Invisalign is used to safeguard against discoloration as it acts as a cover. The capsules are made in such a way that they are resistant to discoloration by acids or other contaminants. Adults prefer this choice since its resistant to corrosion from their highly acidic saliva.

Provides Appearance Enhancements

Shifting of jaws leads to change in mandibular structure; hence the face has a different appeal; the use of Invisalign aligns the jaws forming a better appearance and enhancing your smile even in old age. Adults at the age of above 50 are always prone to have misaligned jaws changing the shape of their face; hence Invisalign capsules come in handy in restoring a straight face.

Cautions Adults Should Take Before Acquiring Invisalign

Dental Issues

The existence of dental issues like tooth decay or periodontal diseases causes difficulty in administering Invisalign appropriately; hence they require treatment before undergoing the procedure. If the procedure is done without treatment of these dental issues, the results will most likely be inefficient.

Bone Development

Bone growth and development in adults stop at a certain age; this leads to some structural changes that require oral surgery before undergoing the Invisalign procedures. Some have misaligned teeth and jaws that require proper surgery and healing before administering Invisalign for the achievement of good results.

Missing Teeth

In events where adults have shed their teeth, replacement/refilling is required since gaps make it difficult to fit Invisalign. If Invisalign aligners are fitted in the event of missing teeth, the capsule tends to be loose, hence not properly carrying out the teeth’ alignment.

In Closing

As an adult who suffers from crooked teeth, you should opt for Invisalign treatment as it is the safest and effective form of alignment for both children and has an added advantage of being the only last option in old age.

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