Best Rated Dentist Near Me for Treating Different Dental Problems

Best Rated Dentist Near Me for Treating Different Dental Problems

Dental problems often cause pain and discomfort that you demand to see a best-rated dentist near me who can fix the issue. It is always crucial to visit a dentist to diagnose oral problems before they become more concerning. There are different types of dental conditions, some more serious than others, which you should know about. Let’s check out.

Tooth erosion/Abrasion

Erosion is the loss of tooth minerals by chemical action, caused mainly by acidic foods or drinks, such as oranges, lemons, cola. However, erosion can also happen by brushing your teeth harshly that damages the hard outer layer of enamel on teeth.

Best rated dentist near me for impacted teeth

This condition happens due to other teeth coming in between or blocking the normal growth of the tooth (such as wisdom teeth). Sometimes it is because there isn’t enough space for them to come through correctly. Also, other times, impacted teeth are due to poor alignment. It causes problems at their base, where they attach to the bone or gums, or further down where regular chewing causes damage.

Tooth sensitivity

Frequent exposure to hot or cold food/drink can be irritating. It causes exposed dentine with increased permeability of the dentine tubules (tiny channels where fluids travel through). Sometimes teeth are exposed due to erosion, affecting the surface of the tooth enamel. 

It usually happens by consuming acidic foods/drinks like citrus fruits or soft drinks. The best rated dentist near me will perform a deep cleaning on a patient to remove plaque or tartar built upon the exposed area (smoothing it down), so it no longer feels sensitive. 

Best rated dentist near me for cavities

Early cavities are either decalcification or actual holes in teeth. These are often painless, but they may be accompanied by inflammation in some cases if bacteria have entered the tooth. Dentists usually easily fix them with a filling or crown. Although sometimes extractions are necessary depending on how badly the damage is to the tooth. Later stage cavities cause more gum inflammation and pain, which worsens when eating cold/hot food. 

Gum disease

Gingivitis is inflammation of gums that usually occurs by plaque build-up along the gum line where it’s hard for you to clean properly. It causes bleeding gums and possibly bad breath. As time passes, it may advance to periodontitis if left untreated, where the gums and bone that hold teeth in place can damage. It further results in the loosening of teeth that may require dental implants, such as crowns or bridges.

Teeth grinding and clenching 

Sometimes people grind and clench their teeth without realizing it (especially when they’re asleep). This condition is called bruxism. Over time, the teeth may become damaged, but more often, it causes the reduced blood circulation in the gums, leading to gum disease.

Best rated dentist near me for mouth sores

Herpes simplex is usually the reason behind recurrent mouth sores when an ulcer appears in the mouth. These can either be one-off occurrences or reoccurring problems, usually lasting for around 7–14 days. The bacteria lives in the nerves, and it’s also possible to spread through contact with saliva. So brushing teeth may irritate it.

Treatment is available at the best-rated dentist near me. But there’s no cure. A dentist may recommend painkillers to help reduce the impact of any discomfort during outbreaks.

Bad breath

During the day, leftover food particles, bacteria, and dead cells build up on your tongue. When there are too many, it causes bad breath. Other causes of this condition can be gum disease, smoking, or alcohol consumption. Best rated dentist near me can easily treat this dental problem with a deep clean procedure. 

Best rated dentist near me for Apical abscess 

Once through the enamel layer, oral bacteria can rapidly cause apical infection. Generally known as an apical abscess, it leads to chronic pain and swelling. However, it may present as a draining fistula along a root where there has been trauma or previous surgery. 

Non-carious cervical lesions

Cervical lesions are due to loss or injury of tooth structure caused by caries, abrasion, erosion, attrition, and tetracycline staining. These are located on the interface between the gingival margin and the cementum or enamel of the crown. With long-term progression, they may result in cavitation into dentine. 


Oral health is very important for overall health. If you’re not looking after your teeth, you may develop gum disease, experience tooth decay, or even lose them entirely. There are lots of ways that you can maintain healthy teeth and gums, including a regular visit to the best-rated dentist near me. It’s common for people to neglect their oral care routine. If you are experiencing any inconvenience in teeth or gums, consult a best-rated dentist near me now and enjoy the benefits of good oral care. 

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