Long Term Effects of Missing Teeth and the Need for Implant Dentures Brooklyn 11229 Services

Long Term Effects of Missing Teeth and the Need for Implant Dentures Brooklyn 11229 Services

Only a small percentage of the people that have lost their teeth that might benefit from dentures ever have them fitted.

The most common way people lose their teeth is due to cavities that cause tooth decay, but in some instances, people get into minor accidents that lead to tooth loss. When this happens, their quality of life changes because this affects so many aspects of their life.

Over time, with continuous decay, the teeth become weak and fall off. This leaves caps that need to be filled for one to go on about life as before. If left bare, many changes come with it.

Effectsof Living with Missing Teeth

One might not be aware of the long-term effects of missing teeth, but the gaps should be taken care of as soon as possible to prevent further damage:

Trouble chewing

The only way one can chew well is when they have all their teeth in the right places. Missing teeth mean that one can only chew from certain sides where they have all the teeth. It is worse if the missing teeth are more than four because then eating becomes laborious. 

This also affects the kind of food one can eat, and they are bound to go for soft foods so they can have an easier eating time. This affects the quality of life that one lives, but it can be controlled by dealing with the problem before it worsens.

Affected speech

As much as it is not obvious, teeth help us in speech, and one can talk the way they do because of their teeth. When a lot of teeth are missing, the gaps left behind changes the way one speaks. They can begin to be slurry and make it difficult to pronounce some words, which should be avoided as they affect one’s communication and social skills.

Change in the facial structure

Teeth help to support the facial structure and give an individual a well-defined appearance. Once teeth start missing, the cheeks sink into the mouth, and this changes one’s appearance. This can be seen in older adults who have lost a lot of teeth. They do not look the same as they were when they had all their teeth naturally.

Most people do not know the importance of teeth to keep their faces straight. The cheekbones also need teeth to keep the mouth areas looking straight and in place. Without teeth, one will have their cheekbones sinking too.

Crooked and weakteeth

When one tooth is lost, the two neighbouring teeth are bound to become loose too as they move to fill in the gap left by the missing tooth. That is why one needs to find a solution to bridging the gap so that the rest of the teeth can stay in the same place.

Over time, the rest of the natural teeth will become loose too, and eventually fall out. Also, when they shift from their original spaces, they become crooked as the roots stay in the same place. This changes one’s smile and comes with a lot of reduced self-esteem.

Gum disease

Having no teeth means the gums are exposed, which is dangerous as they are now exposed to a lot of infections that might lead to gum diseases. This becomes an expensive affair having to go through treatment now and then. It can only be avoided if one takes the intentional step of getting the spaces filled.

Prevention and Managing Of Tooth Loss

Artificial dental options: One should consider getting artificial options to bridge the gap for their missing teeth so that they can live their normal lives. Some are expensive, but there are a number that are quite affordable:

  • Dentures: There are removable and permanent ones. These replace the missing teeth and keep everything in the right place. Ensure you work with a provider offering expert implant dentures Brooklyn 11229 services to get the best dentures.
  • Bridges: These act like a “bridge” between the two teeth, which fill the gap so that the dental structure stays the same. They function like normal teeth and are very affordable.
  • Dental implants: These are a bit expensive but are the most effective and last longer. They are fixed on the jaw bone, which means they have stronger support, and are permanent.
  • Oral hygiene: One has also to ensure they observe oral hygiene to prevent more tooth loss. This has a lot to do with keeping one’s teeth healthy and includes brushing, flossing, and eating the right kind of food that promotes healthy teeth. It also involves getting annual dental checkups to curb any tooth loss that might be caused by cavities. 

Implants or Dentures?

Losing teeth isn’t a walk in the park. You will lose many of the common functions of your mouth. However, you can rescue your functions by visiting a qualified implant dentures Brooklyn 11229 clinic today.

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