Reasons Why Porcelain Veneers Fail

Reasons Why Porcelain Veneers Fail

Fact: You don’t need to fit the porcelain veneers in every tooth; you can decide to fit them on one tooth or all of them. Either way, the process takes a very short time.

We have seen a lot of cracked or chipped porcelain veneers, and we realized that we need to discuss the importance of choosing the right dentist to handle the veneers and taking care of them properly.

Let us look at the various reasons why you might not be enjoying your dental veneers, and why it is vital to talk to a dentist today to rectify the problem.

Incorrectly Done Bite on Your Veneers

One of the most common parts of fitting veneers is to make sure the bite is perfect. The bite is all about the top teeth and the bottom ones coming together in a perfect fit.

When the veneers aren’t placed correctly, they can withstand abnormal force and lead to a chipped or cracked veneer. This is why you need a dentist that has handled the process before and knows how to balance the look and function.

A poor bite might cause the veneer to chip, which is easy to fix. However, when the veneer cracks in the middle, it becomes hard to fit, it has to be redone entirely.

There is nothing as bad as a veneer emergency because veneers are usually placed on the front teeth, and no person wishes to have a broken front tooth before an interview.

Poor Bonding

The porcelain veneers are usually bonded to the enamel using a special paste. The dentist has to etch the enamel and the veneer’s inner part to create the perfect surface for bonding.

If the veneer isn’t bonded correctly, it can cause bacteria to penetrate under the porcelain veneer and lead to discoloration. When this happens, the only thing that needs to be done is to remove the veneer and replace it with a new one.

Poor Fit

Before the veneer is fitted, the teeth have to be prepped for the process. The dentist usually makes an impression of the tooth and then shapes the veneers to match the tooth’s shape.

The dentist then makes the desired shape before fitting the veneer to the tooth. If the placement is poor, the gap will allow bacteria to seep into space and avoid inflammation. With inflammation comes dental decal that can precipitate the loss of teeth.

Poor Quality Veneers

When picking the right dentist, it is wise that you choose a dental office that works with a qualified lab technician. Ask the dentist what kind of lab they are using and the quality of veneers that you expect.

When the quality is poor, expect veneers that are too bulky, opaque, or monochromatic. Worse of all, they can turn out to be too weak to handle chewing and biting pressures.

Remember, veneer emergencies can be costly and stressful; the reason why you need to choose a lab that knows how to come up with strong, high-quality veneers.

Improper Use of Dental Veneers

Another reason why veneers fail is when you don’t use them the right way. Well, these veneers are made of thin material that will crack or chip when a lot of force is exerted.

One of the mistakes that many people make is chewing hard or brittle items using their teeth. They also use the veneers to open packages such as bags of potato chips and others. Chewing ice and biting nails are other practices that you need to avoid.

Veneers aren’t meant to be used as tools – they can easily crack and require replacement.

Another reason why veneers fail is improper maintenance. Cleaning the veneers is a good way to keep them always looking good and strong.

In Closing

While dental veneers are a joy for many people, at times they fail. However, failure can run both sides – on your part and on the part of the dentist. When you feel that the veneers aren’t working properly, you need to talk to a qualified dentist to diagnose the problem and resolve it. Visit us today to understand what the problem is and get a solution to your issue.

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