Professional Teeth Whitening Steps

Professional Teeth Whitening Steps

Facts: Teeth whitening in a dental office needs only one session.

The first visit to the dentist’s will expose you to a variety of teeth whitening methods that can be used to make your smile brighter. While you have various options to choose from, they usually come with a standard set of steps that will need to be performed when the procedure is followed. While dentists are different too, you will notice that not all of them follow the same procedures, but it is usually good to understand what they offer so that you are fully prepared. Preparation is a good thing because you understand what is needed of you and what to expect.

Step 1: The Pre-visit

While teeth whitening treatment can be done in a single visit, you need to make sure you have a pre-visit way before you can do anything. The pre-visit is all about knowing about the procedure and choosing the best one for your needs. During this visit, the dentist will examine your teeth and come up with the best solution to assist you in getting the solution. You have the chance to ask questions and get answers. The questions can touch on the dentist’s expertise, the procedure to use, and how long the results will become noticeable. This is the point you also ask about the cost of the procedure.

During this procedure, you also get to see some images showing what the dentist has done before. The dentist will show you pictures of people that came in for the same kind of treatment and what they enjoyed afterwards. You also get to understand the different options you have, their advantages as well as disadvantages. The dentist also takes time to assess sensitivity of the teeth to various solutions and comes up with the best one for your needs. Most of the top teeth whitening treatment Brooklyn providers have working hours that you need to be privy to. You don’t want to go at a time when they are already closed for the day.

Step 2: Dental Cleaning

Well, you might feel that you clean your teeth at home every day, but this isn’t the same thing as professional teeth cleaning. Even before the dentist performs the procedure, he needs to do through dental cleaning to remove any debris, tartar, and surface staining. This gives the dentist a good idea of the extent of staining so that he can choose the best way to whiten your teeth. The teeth whitening treatment 11223 provider uses special paste to polish the teeth to make sure there are no stains that have accumulated on the teeth. This step is vital because failure to remove the debris might result in uneven whitening of the teeth.

Step 3: Coming Up with the Pretreatment Shade

Remember that the teeth whitening treatment is all about making sure that you have a better color shade than before. This means that the dentist has to determine the pretreatment shade then later compare it with the outcome. This is the only way the dentist can determine that the session has worked out in your favor. The dentist uses a dental shade to get the initial shade, then uses the same one to know the final shade. The dentist might also document the shade by taking a photo of the teeth, then comparing this with the final one. Well, the method of taking the shade doesn’t matter as much as the fact that it is consistent. Consistency means you need to work with a teeth whitening treatment 11224 provider who knows what you need and delivers it right.

Step 4: Teeth Isolation

The solutions used in professional teeth whitening are highly concentrated and can irritate your mouth’s soft tissues. Your facial tissues are also at risk, which means the dentist has to find a way to protect them against exposure. This means your eyes are also exposed to this dancer and need to be protected. The dentist can use various options to isolate the tissues. For instance, he can choose to use dental dams to protect the other tissues. This dental dam isolates the teeth that are being treated from the rest. For these advanced treatment methods, you need to find a teeth whitening treatment 11229 provider that uses the latest techniques.

Another type of dam is the liquid dam. This is simply a gel that is applied to the gum and other tissues that surround the teeth. The gel is applied using a syringe. Once the gel is applied to the necessary tissues, the dentist then uses a curing light to harden it and make it impermeable. The result is a barrier that will seal the tissues around the teeth. The layer is so strong that the whitening solution won’t be able to penetrate it to the underlying vulnerable tissues. After the treatment is done, the layer is then peeled off without any irritation to the gums. Call us today to work with a teeth whitening treatment 11235 provider who is experienced in this craft.

Step 5: Performing the Whitening Treatment

After the other tissues have been protected or the targeted teeth have been isolated, the next step is to apply the whitener. This will depend on the method that has been settled upon. If the stain hasn’t penetrated too deep, the dentist will use a whitening gel to change the teeth’ color. He will apply the gel on the enamel then wait for some time for it to work. This gel will react with the enamel to change the color. Depending on the current level of staining, the dentist will adjust the concentration in the whitener to suit the desired outcome. For laser teeth whitening, the dentist will apply the gel to the teeth then use the laser light to activate the gel’s ingredients, making the enamel whiter. All this is performed from the confines of a teeth whitening treatment 11234 office in Brooklyn.

Step 6: Post Treatment Cleaning

After the gel has reacted and your teeth are the adopted shade, the next step is for the dentist to remove the protective material and then remove any excess whitener, and clean your teeth. If the teeth haven’t got to the desired shade, the dentist might have to perform another series of teeth whitening. However, you need to know that some procedures won’t show the results immediately – it might require a few days for the results to show. The dentist also gives you the instructions to follow after the procedure so that you don’t lose the whitening. You can go back to the teeth whitening treatment 11203 office time and again to have the teeth checked for success.

Final Words

Teeth whitening is one of the most sought after dental treatments in Brooklyn. However, you need to work with a professional dentist that understands what you need and has the right tools to deliver the best outcome. Call us today to improve your smile.

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