Dental Implants Brooklyn 11229

We can help relieve dental pain associated with decay.

Did you know that tooth loss is common in adults? In fact, it becomes even more common as we start to age. Unfortunately, with tooth loss often comes embarrassment and a desire to hide your smile. At Eco Dental NY, we never want you to feel embarrassed or self-conscious about losing a tooth and that is why we offer dental implants in Brooklyn. Dental implants are used to replace one or more missing teeth in your mouth. One of the nice things about dental implants is that they look natural, so no one will ever know you were missing a tooth. Ready to boost your confidence and learn more about dental implants?

Dental Implants: What Are They?

If you have never heard of a dental implant or you do not know what they are, they are better known as an artificial tooth root. The root is made out of titanium and looks similar to a screw that is placed into your jawbone to act as an anchor. A replacement tooth, denture, or bridge is then affixed to that root to hold your new teeth in place.

Often times, patients complain that their dentures are bothering them or are uncomfortable. Dental implants are an excellent alternative to dentures, and they look much more natural too.

Dental implants are a perfect option for many patients and can provide the look and feel of natural teeth. If you would like to learn more, please call us today.

Dental Implants in Brooklyn 11229

The short answer is yes. Dental implants are the most popular alternative to dentures and for good reason too. Dentures often slip around in the mouth, irritate the gums, and feel unsteady or loose. You never have to worry about those problems with dental implants as they fuse with your jawbone to create a sturdy foundation.

Patients who receive dental implants can talk, chew, smile, and laugh with confidence and without the worry of their teeth slipping out.

In addition, dental implants do not decay, and they can be used with several different procedures to ensure you are happy with your smile.

Before you receive dental implants, you will sit down and have a consultation with one of our Brooklyn dentists. During this consultation, you and your dentist will discuss your needs, assess your overall oral health, talk about the procedure, review your medical and dental history, and discuss what treatment options are available to you. You will also have the opportunity to determine how much your insurance will cover and learn about any financing options, should they be needed.

If you and your dentist decide that dental implants are the right choice, you will then have a dental implant exam performed. This examination will include a CT scan or X-ray to determine the best treatment for you. This exam takes about 60 minutes and once done, you will be able to schedule your procedure.

The day of surgery, you will come into our office and taken to a procedure room. You and the dentist will decide on the best sedation method, which is then administered. The procedure will start by removing any teeth that need to be extracted. Next, the implants are then placed into the jawbone and replacement teeth are secured onto the implants. You will leave our office with teeth on your implants!

After the surgery, it is important for you to follow up and maintain your appointments. We will provide you with after-care instructions. Your implants will need to heal and fully integrate into your jawbone, which can take anywhere from three to six months, before permanent fixtures can be placed on the implants. You can expect to visit our office several times throughout this healing window so that we can ensure your implants are healing properly.

Often times, patients think that dental implants are painful, but we want to reassure you that with the newest and latest technology, patients are able to avoid stitches and decrease the amount of swelling that is experienced.

Many patients wonder if they are a good candidate for dental implants. Most people are. Commonly, good candidates are those who are most likely to benefit from the procedure itself and those who have been experiencing problems with their dentures. To receive dental implants, you must be in good health and must have jawbone available for the implants to be inserted. If you are wondering if you are a good candidate, call our office and speak with one of our dental implant dentists today.

Types of Dental Implants

Below, we will introduce you to several of the different dental implant options.

  • Single Tooth Replacement – A single tooth replacement is where a single tooth in the mouth is missing and a single implant is used to replace it. Once the implant is healed, a crown will be placed on top of it

  • Multiple Tooth Replacement – Multiple tooth replacement is where multiple implants are used to replace several teeth or all teeth in the mouth when they are lost or extracted. Once your implants have healed, you can have dentures or bridges attached to the implants

  • All-On-Four Implants – This type of implant procedure provides patients with a support system for dentures. There are four implants placed into your mouth and once healed, the denture can be attached to the implants

  • Implant-Supported Dentures – This type of implant allows patients to have better fitting and supported dentures. The dentures are attached to the implants and are removable too

  • Mini Dental Implants – Similar to traditional implants, mini dental implants are smaller in size and are used for dentures. These implants do cost less than traditional implants

  • Teeth in a Day – When you have implants placed, temporary crowns are placed on the implants to provide you with teeth the same day