Having Your First Dental Crown: What is the Experience Like?

Having Your First Dental Crown: What is the Experience Like?

Fact: Dental crowns can last for between 5 and 15 years, but this depends on who fits the crown and how you take care of them.

A dental crown is a device that is made to look like your natural tooth. Dental crowns are used together with implants to make your teeth look natural and maintain proper functioning such as appearance, chewing, and talking.

Crowns also come into the picture when you need a root canal. The crown works to protect the tooth and the nerves found in the root of the tooth.

So, let’s say you are ready for the first crown, what should you know about? Here are a few things to understand:

You Will Use a Temporary and Permanent Crown

Before you meet with the dentist, you need to know the differences between these two. A temporary crown is used to protect your teeth after a root canal. The dentist will also fit a temporary crown on top of the implant before the lab can come up with a permanent crown.

The permanent crown is the one that will act as your tooth replacement.

They Come in Different Materials

The crowns can come in different materials. These include metal, zirconium, or porcelain. Each type of material has its advantages and disadvantages. The dentist will explain the different materials and what each gives in terms of stability, durability and convenience. 

If you want a crown that resembles your natural teeth, then the best bet is porcelain. Metal is cheap but will be silver in color, which can look out of place when you smile.

Avoid Phobia

Even if you don’t have dental phobia, you might develop it when you get to the dentist’s office. This is why you must talk to the dentist way before you go for an appointment. Explain any fears that you have and let the dentist help you overcome these fears.

The dentist might prescribe some medications that will make you relax so that you can enjoy the session. Try to relax before you get to the office.

It Takes Several Appointments

If you think that you will get crowns fitted in one appointment, you are mistaken. The first time you get to the dentist, you will get information about fitting the crown and allow you to schedule the right time to perform the procedure.

The first appointment involves imaging, where the dentist takes a series of X-rays to determine your suitability for the crown. You might have to make an appointment for a root canal or an extraction.

Both procedures will need the administration of local anesthesia to keep you calm. The dentist will also need to take an impression of the tooth, fit the temporary crown, and then remove it when inserting the permanent one.

You Might Require Follow Up Appointments

Once the permanent crowns have been fitted, you won’t experience any pain at all. You might have some mild discomfort that disappears after a few hours, but that is it.

You will have to use prescription medicine to handle pain and some discomfort. If you experience pain that doesn’t go away with time, you need to make a follow-up appointment with the dentist.

You Will Have to Avoid Some Foods

While you are allowed to eat any foods when you have crowns, there are a few foods that you need to avoid. Try and avoid hot foods such as soups and stews, because they can cause sensitivity to your gums. Cold foods can lead to the same issue as well.

Crowns Can Break

The crown that has been fitted can last long, but they aren’t made to last forever. When you chew or bite on hard things, you risk the crown cracking or chipping. This is common with crowns made of porcelain.


A dental crown restores tooth structure by replacing damaged enamel. Schedule an appointment to visit our knowledgeable dentist who works together to make sure you receive your dental treatment in comfortable and relaxed environment. Anyone who has the above mentioned symptoms should think about getting dental crown.

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