Dental Implant Trends for 2020

Dental Implant Trends for 2020

Facts: Dental implants can now be fitted faster due to the improvement in technology, such as virtual planning software.

Dental implant trends change with time, both in the equipment used and the material used to make the appliances. Changes in the trends are in such a way that the procedures can be performed faster, more painless, and the outcome is guaranteed. These trends have been scientifically proven to be effective and efficient, and dentists have adopted them the world over. Your dentist needs to understand the latest technology that is on the market, and how it can help make things easier at the dental office. Remember that implants need precision, making it ideal for you to work with a dentist that not only knows how to fit them but also how to use the latest trends in the industry. Let us look at these trends and what they can do for you.

The Use of Implant Planning Software

There has been progress in the field of virtual planning, whereby the dentist uses software to plan for your implant treatment. Research has shown that the use of the implant planning software makes it possible for dentists to increase their accuracy by a bigger margin, making it possible to fit the implants better and faster. All the dental implant Brooklyn provider needs are a scan of the area with the gap, and then he uses this to come up with the right implant. The use of the software also makes it possible for the dentist to predict the implant outcome. Changes to the design can be made without having to change the mold, which makes it easier for the dentist to refer to the information for future treatment planning.

The Use of 3D Printing

Three-dimensional printing has taken industries by storm, and the dental office hasn’t been left behind. The good thing is that the printer’s cost has plummeted so fast, from $25,000 a few years ago to just $3,000 at the moment, which is an affordable rate for many dental offices. The machine is cost-effective, and this low cost translates into further savings for the patients. The patient won’t be slapped with surprising lab fees that might trickle down to them. Using the machine helps cut out the middleman, which makes it easy for the dental implant Brooklyn 11229 provider to give discounts to the patients? It is also accurate, making it ideal for precision printing.

Guided Surgery in Implant Treatment

Many of the advances in technology have lead to a rise in new techniques. One of the top techniques so far is the use of guided implant surgery. The use of virtual planning goes well with this trend, whereby the dentist uses a restrictive drill that can be automated to increase the accuracy of depth and angle. The use of guided surgery also allows the dental implant Brooklyn 11235 provider to perform flapless treatments, whereby the patient heals faster than before. Additionally, this is more predictable for the dentist, and he ends up saving more on supplies. In the past, the dentist had to order several implants to get the perfect fit, but only one implant is required with this technology.

Collaboration among Different Specialties

Traditionally, dentists have communicated among themselves to make the treatment more efficient and fast. If you decide to work with a dentist, you will realize that they have a network of other specialists that help them when the need arises. The dentist won’t force himself to do something that they aren’t specialized in, which is why it is vital to work with an experienced dentist that understands the need for collaborations and referrals. Your dental implant Brooklyn 11224 provider might not have the right equipment to perform an intraoral scan, which means that this shouldn’t be done; rather, he can refer you to a dentist that has the equipment.

Mini Dental Implants

These are teeth replacement options that are similar to regular implants but smaller and much cheaper. The size of the implants is just 3.0 mm or less, with the size increasing with time. The need for faster treatment and recovery times has made many people go for these smaller implants. The procedure also comes with a high success rate, something that many people want. The treatment process for these implants is also shorter than regular ones, which is ideal for those who don’t have adequate bone mass for regular implants. You won’t need to undergo bone grafting for this procedure, making them cheaper and the process shorter. Do you need a dental implant Brooklyn 11223 provider that provides this service? We have your back!

Increase in the Use of Bone Grafting Materials

Implants require adequate bone to hold the implants in place. Traditionally, dentists had relied on autogenous bone use due to its superior healing power and regeneration properties. However, this came with a limited supply of the autogenously bone and increased healing time, which necessitated the discovery of other options.  In the recent past, we have seen the rise in alloplastic bone, bone allografts, and bone material derived from bovines that have taken over the market and have been embraced by many people. These alternatives are unique and vary in the form and size of the particles. The dental implant Brooklyn11203 provider will give you the various options and then help you choose the best for your needs.

Tissue Engineering

Dentists have encountered issues that arise with tissues that heal slower than normal or tissues that have been injured and need to be augmented. The good thing is that there have been advancements in tissue engineering that involve the combination of bone cells and naturally occurring factors. The proteins can recruit and enhance the regeneration of new bone material, which in turn reduces the recovery time of the dental implant procedures. The most significant benefit of these procedures is faster bone healing and a better outcome. Talk to the dental implant Brooklyn 11234 service provider about the available options in Brooklyn and decide which one is the best for you.

In Closing

Dental implant trends allow you to know what is happening in the industry and how this technology can help you get the best dental treatment. Call us today to know the type of technology that is available for you.

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