Getting Used to New Dentures after an Affordable dentures Brooklyn 11229 Treatment

Getting Used to New Dentures after an Affordable dentures Brooklyn 11229 Treatment

At least 30 million adult Americans wear complete dentures, and nearly 50 million wear partial dentures.

Getting used to new dentures needs some getting used to, because as much as they try to have them fit one’s dental structure, they always end up feeling different. The mouth has to adjust as this is a foreign object which does not feel like normal teeth.

With time, however, one gets used to having the dentures, and they can then lead a normal life. Before this happens, one has to adjust to some things like:

  • Learning how to chew: New dentures will automatically make one feel like their mouth is fuller, hence have difficulties in chewing. The jaws will also need to adjust to the chewing movement, as they will have been tampered with. This can take quite a while, and one is advised to start with eating soft or finger foods. This helps to exercise the muscles so one can get back to normal chewing.
  • Learning to speak with the dentures: With new dentures, most people have their speech affected. Some will experience slurred speech, while others have more saliva than usual, which in the end affects how they speak. This is something one has to adjust to; however, the speech always improves over time.
  • They initially feel strange in one’s mouth: New dentures are foreign to the mouth, so there is no way they will immediately start feeling like natural teeth. One always feels like their mouth is fuller, or the jaws are heavier, which is quite normal. It needs a lot of adjusting to, and with time one feels comfortable in them.

For this to work out for you, it is vital to find an affordable dentures Brooklyn 11229 provider to fit them for you.

How To Easily Get Used To New Dentures

As much as new dentures are fixed to be perfect for each individual, they need to get used to it. One cannot immediately lead a normal life when newly installed. They have to ease into their new set of teeth slowly. Here are a few ways to go about it:

1. Start by eating soft foods

When dentures have been newly fixed, it is advisable to start by eating food that is easy to chew, so that one can start getting used to the jaw movement. This helps to exercise the jaw and cheek muscles so that they can go back to normal eating with time.

When dentures are new, even the teeth alignment needs to be used as they come with different weight, texture, and general feel. After some days of soft food, one can progress slowly to eating other types of food.

2. Avoid sticky/crunchy foods

New dentures also need frequent cleaning, and it advisable that one keeps off food types that will need them picking at their dentures. Food that is sticky or crunchy is bound to stick in between one’s teeth, and in case of new dentures, removing them might be painful at first. It is also quite hard chewing crunchy food when the dentures have just been installed.

3. Exercise the cheek muscles for a stronger jaw

Cheek muscles help to secure and hold the jaw, which in turn holds the dentures in place, so they are also most affected. One needs to exercise them often so they can get back to feeling normal. Exercising these muscles helps to improve speech and eating. It can be done by singing, making smile movements or simple facial exercises. This will help strengthen the jaws for easy adjustment.

4. Keep on the new dentures all the time

Ensure that you wear your new dentures most of the time, as that is one of the best ways to get used to them. As much as they feel foreign for the first few days, wearing them for the right hours ensures that your mouth gets used to how they feel and adjusts accordingly to the new object. Taking them off often will drag the process, and every day will feel like you have them on for the first time.

5. Take them out at night

In case of the need to take a break, one can always take the dentures off at night so the jaws and mouth can get a break. This also gives one a chance to practice oral hygiene and practice their teeth cleaning routine, which should be at least twice a day. However, this mostly works when the dentures are removable, as there are cases where they are permanent.


Teeth loss comes with many challenges, and dentures have come in to save the situation. They might be difficult to adjust to, but with time, one forgets that they have artificial teeth. They also require good care, so remember never to miss your annual dental checkups.

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