Affordable Dental Implants Brooklyn 11229: Missing Molars and What to Do

Affordable Dental Implants Brooklyn 11229: Missing Molars and What to Do

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While molars might not be the first teeth people see when you smile, they have a vital role to play in the integrity of the oral functions and how your face looks.

You can use implants to replace missing molars; all you need is to work with an affordable dental implants Brooklyn 11229 service provider.

The Molar Tooth

Everyone has 12 molar teeth initially, three in the back on either side of the upper and lower jaws. They have a wide, flat surface that makes it easy to break the food into smaller pieces that you can swallow easily.

Apart from breaking the food into tiny pieces, molars also play a major role in maintaining the face’s structure. If it weren’t for the molars, your cheeks would appear sunken. If you have lost molars to decay or impact, you will soon develop wrinkles near the back of the neck at the point where the molars were.

Moreover, when you take time before replacing the missing teeth, the supporting tooth will gradually lose the bone which supports them. You will run the risk of bite collapse and a decrease in chewing efficiency. Your dietary choice will also be limited to a few foods, and you might even resort to chewing from one side only.

Additionally, teeth have been made in such a way that they work in unison to withstand any pressure that comes from opposing teeth. When one tooth is missing, the other ones will have to bear with more pressure than before. This will lead to extensive wear and erosion of the remaining teeth.

Teeth are set in the bone in such a way that they exert opposing force on each other, to keep them in place. When there is space between the teeth, then the opposing pressure will push the teeth into the empty space. The teeth will loosen and lead to the formation of gaps between them.

Sadly, this is only the start of problems that you can encounter when you miss posterior teeth. The shifting and migration of the teeth can set off reactions that will weaken the dental system.

Furthermore, as the teeth move to fill up the empty space, the relationship of how the jawbone gets attached to the tooth will change. The gaps that are created will leave the tooth vulnerable to gum disease.

This is why you need to replace missing molars the moment the tooth is lost. Find an affordable dental implants Brooklyn 11229 service provider to help you get the best services.

They are Difficult to Clean

The sad thing is that just because the molars are far back in your mouth, they are difficult to keep clean. When they become too damaged, they will become loose and fall out. They will also become painful to the extent that you won’t use them to eat as you need to.

The Procedure for Replacing the Molars

When you visit the dentist, the first procedure is to examine the molar then come up with a treatment plan for you. The dentist might have to extract the damaged molar and replace it with a dental implant so that you can still have [proper use of the molars.

When you have lost a molar, replacing it with an implant is the best way to help avoid these consequences. Implants are the best restoration method because they offer free-standing restoration, and the process tends to protect the adjacent teeth. Implants are also easy to clean and can support the bite much better.

Before the dentist fits the implant, he will check to see that the correct bone height and volume exist, specifically where the implant is fixed. 

The other option is to use a removable partial denture to replace the missing molar. However, since they are removable, they are usually difficult to wear and will trap more food particles. Additionally, they are moveable, meaning they will place additional stress on the teeth that need to hold them in place. This can cause loosening and loss of the adjacent teeth.

However, the implants will still improve the bite function. While the biting pressure of the dentures is less than that of natural teeth, the bite power will still help you to maintain your functions.

Where Can You Get An Affordable Dental Implants Brooklyn 11229 Service Provider?

We have been replacing missing molars in Brooklyn for long now, all you need is to call us to discuss your options.

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