Why Choose Invisalign?

Why Choose Invisalign?

Facts: Invisalign braces come designed just for you – depending on your need for alignment.

Of all the dental trends, the use of Invisalign has changed the industry. While it was hard for an adult to use the aligners, it is now easier for them. Let us understand why this is so.

It Is Barely Noticeable

Invisalign is barely noticeable as it blends with the teeth hence considered convenient, unlike braces that are conspicuous and attract attention. Having clear teeth is comfortable to speak or eat in public occasions without fear of attracting attention.

You Enjoy a Shorter Treatment Duration

Invisalign treatment has fewer office dental visits than braces that consume a lot of time to complete the procedure. Most people consider Invisalign as it has few offices sit in hours to complete the procedure.

Improves Self-esteem

With the use of Invisalign to bring misaligned jaws and crooked teeth into better shape, improving the position of the face and smile appearance boosts the confidence of an individual to interact freely.one can participate in social activities without fear of exposing crooked teeth.

Fewer Food Restrictions

The use of Invisalign has fewer food adjustments as one could maintain their normal diet and routine as compared to braces, which require quitting some types of food. For braces, cold or hot foods that affect treatment procedures are banned for consumption, but with Invisalign, one can retain their diet.

Unlimited Age Range

This type of treatment is safe for individuals of all ages, from children to adults. It works efficiently in both milk and permanent teeth. Unlike other dental aligners, Invisalign is age-friendly with both children and adults hence considered the best alignment treatment option by orthodontists.

Easier Cleaning

Carrying out dental cleaning and flossing is easier since the Invisalign aligners can be removed and replaced during cleaning. Also, the straightening of crooked teeth leads to an evening of gaps hence the thorough removal of plaques. The Invisalign aligner itself is removed and cleaned regularly.

Improved Dental Health

Before conducting the Invisalign procedure, treatment of periodontal diseases is done to ensure accuracy of results after procedure. Invisalign also improves dental conditions through straightening teeth for proper cleanup and allowing spaces in crowded teeth to remove plaque stuck between gums hence improving oral hygiene.

A Flexible Treatment Option

Invisalign can be removed and put back while engaging in different activities that entail the teeth’ involvement, either directly or indirectly. During eating or sports, one could remove and replace it after involvement in these activities. Their flexibility gives them an added advantage over other braces that are worn permanently till treatment is over since Invisalign could be taken off after 22 hours of use.

Prevents Discoloration

Invisalign aligners act as covers that protect teeth from corrosion; the cover acts as a guard for crusted enamel hence reducing the chance of discoloration. Damaged teeth are vulnerable to exposure; hence the Invisalign aligner works as an artificial guard for the crusted enamel.

The Aligners are Comfortable

The Invisalign aligners are custom-made to fit your teeth exactly, unlike braces, Invisalign aligners don’t have sharp edges that poke the teeth. Most adults choose this form of treatment as it does not hinder their normal activities.

Fixes Abnormal Bite Functions

This happens to individuals when the upper and lower jaw fails to coordinate properly; this causes a problem in the chewing of food particles; with Invisalign, one is able to properly fix their jaws to an upright posture to push for normal bites hence easy chewing.

Improves Dental Health

With Invisalign straightening the teeth, it gives a better chance for maintaining dental health as spacing is regular and convenient for cleaning. With regular and appropriate cleaning teeth maintain their proper condition, making them immune to dental diseases.

It Is Convenient

Invisalign works better and efficiently compared to other dental aligners as they are perfectly crafted to custom fit the size of your teeth. They are convenient in that they are removable, adjustable, and durable.

In Conclusion

Getting Invisalign treatment is considered among the best options for teeth alignment; this method has proven to have many benefits and work efficiently to bring out perfect results. Invisalign aligners are mostly preferred because of their comfort and ease of use; hence are considered quite beneficial to the patient.

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