Affordable Dentures & Implants Brooklyn 11229 Services: Handling Loss of Front Teeth

Affordable Dentures & Implants Brooklyn 11229 Services: Handling Loss of Front Teeth

What would you do if you lose front teeth in an accident or any other traumatic experience? Many people cannot imagine life without front teeth. Besides cosmetic effects, you will have to condone with changes in function and a change in the structure of the face.

Before you do anything, especially when you have been in an accident and a permanent tooth got knocked out, you need to call 911 – this is a huge dental emergency. Re-implantation of a permanent tooth within 30 minutes gives you high chances of success.

Don’t worry about the costs; you get to work with an affordable dentures & implants Brooklyn 11229 provider even during the emergency.

Emergency Response after Losing a Tooth

Once you knock out a permanent front tooth, the first thing is to see a dentist immediately. The dentist will try and remove any teeth fragments that are still lodged in the gums and the jawbone to make space for the proper installation of a denture or an implant later on.

Often, the dentist might not be able to restore the lost tooth, which means you will have to opt for a denture or implant that an affordable dentures & implants Brooklyn 11229 provider offers.

What Are The Consequences Of Missing Front Teeth?

When you lose your teeth, certain things happen that make your life difficult. Let us look at these consequences before we can look at what to do.

The Gums Become Prone to Infection and Decay

The relationship your gums have to the teeth is crucial to maintain overall oral health. When teeth fall out, they expose the vulnerable gums to disease and bacteria.

When your gums are exposed, they can become irritated, inflamed or even lead to general bad health for you. If you have never experienced bad breath, then you are looking at this situation soon.

For instance, when your gums get inflamed and then heal, they pull the teeth adjacent to the gap and lead to loose natural teeth.

Your Bones Reshape

Teeth play an integral part in maintaining the shape of your face due to the relationship between them, the cheeks, and the lips. Regular pressure also helps to stimulate the growth of the bone.

When you lose one or more front teeth, you lose this vital function, and what it means is that the bone regenerates, and it becomes misshapen as the years go by. The outcome is a shorter jaw, and that isn’t able to support functions such as speaking and chewing.

The Teeth Start Shifting

When a tooth is missing, the adjacent teeth will make proper use of the space. Teeth have an uncanny way of being tightly knit together, and when they find space, they tend to drift towards the space. In the end, gaps start developing between the teeth, creating space for debris to form. This can have a negative effect on the bite.

What Options Do You Have?

You have many options to replace the lost tooth, but we look at two of the best options that you can make use of. These are practical, viable and fast.

Dental Implant + Crown

When you are missing a tooth, you can use a dental implant to replace it. The implant acts as the root on which the crown is mounted.

An implant usually consists of three components:

  • The titanium implants that sit in the bone.
  • A crown that can be made from a material of your choice, usually porcelain.
  • The abutment – which connects the implant to the crown.

We advise you to use implants because they are designed to integrate with the surrounding bone. They are also designed to last for decades. With a crown, you are sure that you can replicate the appearance of the original tooth.

Removable Partial denture

These usually consist of replacement teeth that are attached to bases. The dentist will come up with a partial denture depending on your needs. Since you have natural teeth that are still viable and need to be protected, you can use a denture that uses metal clasps that attach to the adjacent natural teeth.

If you need aesthetics in the whole design, you can use precision attachments that look better than metallic clasps.

Where Can You Find An Affordable Dentures & Implants Brooklyn 11229 Provider?

Call us to replace lost front teeth that have been knocked out or lost due to various reasons. We have all the expertise you need to smile again.

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