Dental Anxiety: Causes and Proper Treatment

Dental Anxiety: Causes and Proper Treatment

Adults that have already gone to the dentist still experience dental anxiety as well.

Do you feel this nagging pain in your jaw, but you also have this knot in the pit of the stomach that tells you that you won’t persevere the pain that comes with the whole procedure? You might have had the pain for several weeks now, and you need it to be resolved. However, the mere thought of sitting in the dentist’s chair to have the issue resolved is making you lose sleepless nights.

Well, you aren’t alone in this predicament. Studies show that one in every 10 Americans suffers from some form of anxiety; at times, this rises to the level of a phobia that grows around visiting a dentist.

The sad thing is that many people have ended up succumbing to this fear, and this has made them lose their teeth, which would have been saved had they taken the right steps earlier enough.

What are the Causes of Dental Phobia?

Many reasons make people fear the dentist, and these differ depending on the individual. Scientists relate this type of worry to the negative childhood memories that the people have. For instance, many people attribute this fear to the negative childhood memories that they have about the dentist. Stories that their peers have told them also contributes to this innate fear of the dentist.

Other causes might include the fear of having something sharp in the mouth, the sound of a dental drill, and doctors’ fear.

Patients with emotional issues have the feeling of helplessness that comes with being in close contact with people. You will see this condition in people that have experienced domestic abuse before or those that have PTSD.

Other people have this fear because they feel embarrassed about the condition of their teeth and the oral cavity. Usually, the people that avoid the dentist due to this form of embarrassment increase the cycle of poor health. They feel that the dentist will ridicule them about the state of their health.

How Can You Eliminate the Phobia?

To beat this phobia is simple, only if you follow a few tips.

Don’t Wait Till It is Too Late to Visit the Dentist

One of the worst things you can ever do is visit the dentist when you are in extreme pain. Once a tooth gets to the point that you cannot eat, you will have to undergo a root canal or an extraction. These are unpleasant and might end up building on your dental fear.

This is why you need to visit the dental clinic every six months or at the first signs of discomfort.

Work with the Right dentist

Many people experienced this fear because they worked with a dentist who didn’t know what he was doing. You can talk to your family members or friends to recommend a good dentist who will make the whole experience easy and painless.

Make sure you create a rapport with the dentist early enough to allay any fears that you have and tell you more about the procedure.

Consider Anesthesia

If you have severe dental anxiety, you need to opt for the use of anesthesia to better cope with this treatment. You can ask the dentist to use happy gas to make you feel at ease through the procedure.

However, anesthesia isn’t recommended because it comes with some risks that are best avoided.

Go for Routine Checkup

To allay any fears that you might have, it is good that you go for regular dental visits. Regular dental visits will identify any conditions early on to protect the teeth from any cavities and decay.

Maintain Proper Oral Hygiene

You can always avoid the dentist’s office if you practice proper oral hygiene. This is all about making sure the teeth and the gums are healthy always. You can fulfill this by brushing the teeth regularly with toothpaste that has fluoride as the main ingredient. You can talk to the dentist to advise you on the type of toothpaste to use and which toothbrush to opt for.

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