Why Should You Choose Dental Implants?

Why Should You Choose Zirconia Dental Implants?

Facts: More than 30 percent of adults have implants in place, either to replace a single tooth or multiple teeth.

The first visit to the dentist will let you know about different types of dental implants. One of the most common types is the dental implants. These are used by many people, and for a good reason.

Let us look at the different reasons why you need to use these implants.

They Look Nice

We have had clients complain of aesthetic issues when they use titanium implants. This is especially true for those people that have thin gums and experience gum recession. Titanium dental implants make the gums look gray. On the other hand, is not a metal, so it delivers a more natural look.

They have a Convenient Design

Traditional titanium implants are made of two metal pieces that are fixed together using a screw. When under intense pressure, the pieces can move and make it hard for you to chew. The pieces can also move and then create pockets that will hold bacteria.

On the other hand, implants are designed using a single piece that helps eliminate the issue. These components don’t shift after they are fitted, and this makes them safer and more convenient. You won’t have to worry about infection anymore.

They are Durable

When you go for dental implants, they need to be strong and durable. The success of implants is usually based on how long they last without wearing out. Implants made out of will last ages, even with constant use. They are designed to withstand a lot of force, especially when they are under pressure.

With the implants in your mouth, you need to try and make sure that you have implants that don’t corrode easily. Some implant materials corrode when exposed to the environment in your mouth. Remember that the implants will also be exposed to fluoride, which can corrode the enamel when taken in huge quantities.

So, if you are looking for durability, then this is the perfect implant system for you.

They are Non-allergic

Implant materials can be a huge problem for many people, especially those that have allergies. In many cases, the allergies don’t show up immediately rather a few years after the implants have been fitted. Allergies can lead to implant failure and later bone loss.

Implants are usually hypoallergenic, so allergy issues aren’t a problem at all.

They are Comfortable

The process of fitting implants also takes longer than usual. You will wear the implants for longer as compared to others.

Remember that the implants need to be comfortable even when you use them for long, whether you are eating or talking.

They Have a Shorter Surgical Process

These implants are designed in such a way that they can be implanted immediately following the extraction of the teeth. The process is done in a single stage, which means that you don’t have to come in for another session. This reduces the time it takes to fit the implant, which reduces the pain experienced as well.

They are Safe to Use

The implants are biocompatible and have been approved by the FDA. This means they are safe to use for both kids and adults as well. The materials interact favorably with the body, and they aren’t toxic.

The good thing is that they heal fast, which reduces the chances of infections.

The Demerits

As much as these implants are among the best, they come with some demerits. First, they are not ideal for use with full arches because they aren’t flexible. Secondly, they are a bit expensive compared to titanium implants. Be ready to pay a little more money for the implants.

In Closing

There you have it! You now have a reason to choose between the different types of dental implants depending on the pros and cons of each. As you start the process, you need to know that there are various options to you, and the right option depends on what the implant offers you in terms of benefits and the outcome.

Call us today to begin the process of fitting the implants.

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