Factors That Influence the Cost of Dental Implants in Brooklyn

Factors That Influence the Cost of Dental Implants in Brooklyn

Although a dental implant procedure in Brooklyn is the best solution to replace missing teeth, you will sometimes worry about the cost of the procedure. This is especially true because you will come across different costs and payment plans for you.

You will find that most of the dental implant costs aren’t covered by many dental insurance plans. The issue of cost becomes a big issue for many people.

With this concern, we need to look at different factors that influence implants’ cost, here we go.

The Number of Replacements

Implants are ideal replacements for both single and multiple teeth. The costs vary depending on the number of replacements that you make. Replacing a single tooth using implants is way cheaper than the cost of replacing multiple teeth.

The dentist considers the configuration of your mouth and your gums and teeth’ overall health and will come up with the perfect solution to replace the missing teeth. You might have to undergo replacements periodically to handle the issue.

The Location of the Gap

Every mouth is different and requires a different type of care. What you need as an individual isn’t the same attention another person needs depending on their teeth loss and their mouth configuration.

The angle of your front teeth is an important aspect because it should match the jawline to ensure the smile looks great. Some situations need more effort to get resolved, while others need a little work to get resolved. 

If the situation needs more work from the dentist, rest assured that you will have to pay more, while a simple procedure will require less from you.

The Bone Density

For implants to be successful, your jaw needs to have enough bone to hold the implants. Low bone density doesn’t mean that the procedure won’t be performed – it will, but the preparation won’t be as easy as when you had enough bone density in a place. 

However, when you have low bone density, your teeth will need more preparation for the procedure. The dentist will create bone grafts and augmentations to prepare your mouth to receive the implant.

Additionally, if the teeth that need to be replaced have to be extracted, then this is a separate procedure that you have to pay for. So, if there are separate procedures that need to be performed, then pay some more for the procedure.

The Overall Oral Health

Patients suffering from periodontal disease and other oral health conditions need to have the condition treated to ensure the mouth is healthy before the dental implants are fitted.

The dentist might be forced to perform advanced cleaning processes to ensure the mouth is ready for the implants. The separate procedures will require you to pay for the process separately.

The Type of Restoration

Another matter that affects the cost of implants is the type and quality of restorations. You might want the implants to be constructed from a specific material that you desire; for instance, you might decide to have the implants constructed from porcelain and high-performance acrylics. 

If you are allergic to titanium, the dentist might be forced to use ceramic to make the implant shafts. This translates into more additional costs for you.

Diagnostic Imaging

If the case at hand is difficult, or there is a lot of uncertainty with the jawbone condition, then the dentist will have to use better diagnostic imaging procedures to understand what is happening beneath the surface.

The dentist might use advanced scans to give detailed images of the jawbone and help with treatment planning. While they give detailed images of the jawbone, they cost more and raise the dental implants’ cost.

Adequate Gum Tissue

The dentist will have to perform gum grafting if there isn’t enough gum tissue to cover the implant and the restoration. You might have to pay a few hundred dollars more for the procedure.

The Bottom-line

When you have a missing tooth, you need to use implants. The cost of the implants depends on various factors. Talk to your dentist today to find out how much you need to pay for the procedure. If the cost is too high, you can decide to use your dental insurance or opt for a dental payment plan.

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