The Denture Place Brooklyn 11229 Facts: What is Denture Repair?

The Denture Place Brooklyn 11229 Facts: What is Denture Repair?

Many teens spoil their dentures faster because of their active lifestyle.

Most people who use dentures do not know that they can be repaired. When you wear a denture that is cracked or chipped, you may experience some discomfort or pain. You will need to visit your dental specialist to get them repaired.

The dentist can offer partial denture repair or full denture repair, depending on the number of teeth replaced by the dentures. Partial repair is often required when most of your teeth are in good condition. Full repair is done on individuals who have all their set of teeth replaced by dentures. Feel free to visit “the denture place Brooklyn 11229” for partial and full denture repair services.

Once the dentist installs your dentures, you will be given some guidelines that you must follow to ensure the durability of the dentures. However, you must note that most dentures only have a shelf life of 20 years. During this period, you will need to visit a dental facility for repairs once in a while. The number of visits will be more or less depending on how well you take care of the dentures.

Simple denture repairs last an hour or less. Complicated repairs may last a few days.

Defining Denture Repair

Simply put, denture repair refers to the restoration of broken or worn out dentures back to their functional state. It can be done on the entire denture or a part of it. The term is not as common as tooth repair. It may be because people rarely need their dentures repaired as long as they observe the necessary guidelines.

A good percentage of individuals that need their dentures fixed keep postponing their visit to the dentist. They always assume that they can use the denture now and plan for it to get repaired later. This is a dangerous decision that may result in more dental problems.

Benefits of Denture Repair

When a small crack occurs on your denture, you may tend to think that a repair is not necessary. This is not true. If you fail to fix the crack, progressive damage may occur, resulting in total breaking later on.

Leaving your denture unrepaired for too long always results in further complications. In most cases, the denture may break into two pieces. Fixing those denture challenges that seem insignificant helps you to avert larger ones.

Some denture issues may result in pain and discomfort. Ignoring them does not only damage the denture but may cause complications for you as well. When you handle them, you will be doing a huge favour to yourself.

When is it Required?

The duration of a denture depends on its quality, as well as how you care for it. If you store your dentures carelessly or keep dropping them on the floor, they will not last long. As a result, you will need to visit your dentist frequently for repairs.

Repair is required any time you experience something unusual with your dentures. You may also need your dentures checked any time an accident occurs. Most dental facilities have denture repair kits readily available at their facility if you need any urgent repairs.

Taking good care of your dentures often reduces the number of visits you need to make to the dentist. It also saves you a lot of money and time.

The Repair Procedure

Fixing denture problems must be done in a dental facility. It is impossible to do this at home since you may not have the necessary equipment to achieve the best results. The procedure is usually carried out in a dental laboratory using certified materials.

A specially trained technician carries out the exercise. Other staff, such as the dentist, will be on standby should their services be required. Any time you develop problems with your dentures, you must ensure that the person who attends to you is qualified to carry out the procedure. Otherwise, you may end up with more complications. Call “the denture place Brooklyn 11229” to speak to one of our technicians about your situation.

During the repair, the technician uses specialized tools and ingredients to fix the cracks or develop a replacement for the denture. They will first mix the ingredients with coloring agents to achieve the right color and texture. They will then use spatula-like equipment to spread the mixture over the crack or fracture to cover it.

In case the technician needs to make a new denture from scratch, they will use some molds to recreate the shape of your mouth before developing the denture.


How you treat your dentures determines their durability and functionality—placing them in water every evening before bed ensures that they remain clean throughout the night. If you find yourself at the dental clinic too frequently, it may be that you are not taking proper care of your dentures. Feel free to visit“the denture place Brooklyn 11229”for guidance on what you need to do to minimize the need for a regular checkup.

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