Denture Emergencies and Why You Need Reliable 1800 Dentures Brooklyn Services

Denture Emergencies and Why You Need Reliable 1800 Dentures Brooklyn Services

Over 30 million Americans are missing all the upper teeth. This translates to more than 17 percent of the adult population.

A denture emergency refers to a threatening denture situation that would require immediate medical intervention from a dental services expert. As much as there are many home remedies for some of these problems, if it is a life-threatening problem, then it would require professional intervention. 

Types of Denture Emergencies

There are several types of emergencies that most experts advise that one seeks immediate medical attention:

Dentures Breaking Into Two

When your dentures break into two, it is a dangerous sign, and you should seek immediate help. This can be caused by them being too old or if you bite into hard or chewy food. Also, a sudden change in temperature can lead to a denture breaking.

When this happens, you cannot keep the dentures on, and they become a hazard to you. The broken area can dig into your gums, making you uncomfortable and also cause infections. You shouldn’t wait for too long when your dentures break before seeing a specialist. Depending on the damage, they will fix it or recommend that you get new ones.

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Denture Areas Getting an Infection

Once you have your dentures fitted, they should give you an easy time and act as good as your natural teeth. In some rare cases, the denture areas get infected, especially if one is not observing dental hygiene. Another reason would be if they do not fit properly, so food particles deposit in between the dentures and the gums and cause cavities over time. Once you notice any pain or inflammation of gums in the denture area, seek immediate medical intervention.

Depending on the type of infection, your dentist will advise a way forward to getting it treated. Sometimes you might need to get off the dentures first for the gums to heal, then get back to using them. Whatever the situation, make sure that you take great care of your oral hygiene so that such problems can be avoided.

When A Denture Erodes and Cuts Into Your Gums

Some dentures are made from materials that wear out over time or can get eroded with time. This might leave sharp edges, which then dig into one’s gums, causing cuts and a lot of pain. Once you notice that your dentures are eroded, then see the doctor immediately so that they can be fixed, and if possible, you can get a replacement. 

Severe Sensitivity and Oral Pain

When you notice that you have some sensitivity or any kind of pain when having dentures, the first stop should be at the dentist’s office. Do not self-medicate as you would not know what is causing the sensitivity. It could be your other natural teeth or an infection emanating from the area around the dentures.

Only a specialist offering 1800 dentures Brooklyn services will be able to help identify and take care of such a problem that, in most cases, cannot be dealt with by over the counter painkillers. 

A Denture Falling Out

If any of your other natural teeth fall out, then visit your dentist for a way forward. They will need to fill the gap left behind by the fallen tooth, so they will either work with your existing dentures or recommend new ones. The gap has to be filled so that other neighbouring teeth are safe, and the gums don’t get an infection. Leaving the gap as would lead to more complications that will lead to a need for more urgent interventions. 

How to Deal With Denture Emergencies

Because it is an emergency, there are not so many ways to deal with it except seeking expert advice:

  • Have a backup pair of dentures: If the problem is specific to the dentures, you can use a backup pair. This will work if you have removable dentures. It is always best to have a backup pair in case of anything. If one breaks, then you can always replace it with the backup ones. This gives you enough time to get the other one fixed or get a new pair of dentures, depending on the nature of the emergency.
  • Seek immediate dental checkup: This is the most desirable option as emergencies can only be handled by an expert. Feel free to visit your dentist as they would know best your history and offer workable solutions. Trying to take care of the problem at home can be quite fatal as some infections end up affecting one’s entire body. As much as it can be costly, it is a safer option because you get expert help and avoid any chances of the problem recurring.

In Closing

When you encounter a denture emergency, don’t wait to see it work out by itself, it might lead to further damage. Visit an 1800 dentures Brooklyn clinic to enjoy expert services.

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