Dental Office Brooklyn Tips: Causes Of Bad Breath (Halitosis) And The Solutions

Dental Office Brooklyn Tips: Causes Of Bad Breath (Halitosis) And The Solutions

Bad breath is the odor that comes from the mouth of an individual; bad breath is mostly perceived to come up in instances where a  person does not properly observe their dental hygiene, bad breath has a variety of causative agents, and preventive measures, for instance;

Poor Oral Health

Bad odor comes from the mouth when you fail to observe the proper dental routines in the maintenance of teeth, plaque that gathers produce a bad smell and is also a catalyst for tooth decay. This can be avoided by observing proper dental health by cleaning and flossing teeth regularly and observing other dental maintenance practices.

Food Particles

During the breakdown of food particles, some little crumbs get stuck between the teeth and gums; these particles erode to form plaques that produce a quite unpleasant smell. Regular flossing and cleaning of teeth after every meal is the best preventive method for the accumulation of plaques.

Tobacco Consumption and Cigarette Smoking

The excessive intake of tobacco either through smoking or chewing leaves staining agents on teeth producing a bad odor. This can be limited by the minimum use of tobacco products to reduce tar accumulation in mouth and teeth. Excessive intake leads to cancer in severe cases.

Dry Mouth

This comes in when the salivary glands stop producing saliva leading to this condition where only acids and sugars are produced; these acids lead to the corrosion of teeth, causing tooth decay, which produces a bad smell. To resolve dry mouth individuals are mostly advised to drink enough fluids throughout the day and use mouth moisturizing agents. Our “dental office Brooklyn” offers solutions to this issue.

Clogged Nasal Cavity

It happens when a foreign body is lodged into the nostril of an individual, causing blockage of air being filtered in and out. This forces individuals to use their mouth for breathing unfiltered air produces a bad odor. This can be prevented by avoiding the insertion of foreign objects into the nose and unclogging nasal cavity in instances of blockage.


Some medicines prescribed by the doctor for intake produce bad odor after consumption; this condition is mostly prevented by using mouth wash or cleaning of the mouth after intake of pungent producing drugs.

Dental Braces

Some braces accumulate plaques around the dentures which produce a bad odor after a short while, in some other cases overstayed braces: those that have not been changed over a long period of time produce a bad smell due to their extensive corrosion with saliva. This incident can be avoided by properly cleaning and maintaining dentures and the regular replacement of overstayed dentures.

Digestive Disorders

They mostly come about due to metabolic dysfunction where chemical substances that emit bad smell are produced or acid reflux, where the gas escapes from the mouth producing a bad odor. This could be prevented by proper diet for the proper digestion of food and the intake of fluids that aid indigestion.


Some diseases like cancer in most cases, oral cancer produce bad smell from the mouth as a symptom, this can be prevented by proper dental hygiene and frequent screening for such diseases, and victims are advised to use therapeutic measures and mouth cleansing rinses to avoid the bad smell.

Morning Breath

A bad smell tends to come from our mouth due to the closing of the mouth at night and blocking of unfiltered air in the mouth, sometimes other individuals do not produce saliva at night, leading to quite pungent smell. This can be avoided by brushing of teeth with fluorides in the morning or chewing on mint gums for those with dry mouths for the production of saliva.

Bowel Blockage

It is a condition whereby the excretory systems clogs, this condition forces an individual to vomit over a prolonged period, producing a feces like smell due to the bowel obstruction. This condition can be avoided by the intake of food with less fiber and food that does not lead to a bowel blockage, for those with obstruction are advised to take prescribed medication from the physician for unblocking of bowels.


This quite rare condition that affects diabetic persons, acids known as ketones are produced, leading to the reduction of insulin levels; this condition comes with smelly breath. This can be prevented by avoiding sugary foods to keep you away from being diabetes predisposed.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, bad breath has a variety of causes that can be easily prevented or avoided by an individual. To start the treatment, find the best “dental office Brooklyn” today to work with.

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