Dental Clinic Brooklyn NY Tips: Choosing the right Dental Filling Material

Dental Clinic Brooklyn NY Tips: Choosing the right Dental Filling Material

Dental filling is a procedure where some artificial material is used to repair tooth cavities or broken teeth. The decayed or broken tooth is cleaned, and dead matter removed, then they fill the section with an artificial material so the tooth can still feel whole.

There are different types of fillings, depending on the specific need that one has. A broken tooth will not have the same filling procedure as a decayed one. A doctor will do an assessment and depending on the damage, they will recommend the right procedure for you.

These fillings keep changing from time to time due to the advance in technology, but mostly serve the same purpose, which is to save one’s teeth.

Filling Restoration

These fillings vary from one material to another. Some doctors will use veneers, porcelain fillings, silver amalgam, or even tooth coloured plastic. Apart from the contents that make the filling, they come at different costs and do not last the same amount of time.  


A crown is like a cover that is put on top of teeth to protect them and also restore their original shape. They are mostly done well such that they are unnoticeable. Some people go for gold crowns to even add beauty to their general look.

Dental Bridges

When one loses a tooth, they can have that gap filled by getting a dental bridge. An artificial tooth is used to fill the gap so that all the teeth are well aligned on the jawbone. If such gaps are not filled, chances are high that teeth will become loose and weak. The function of the bridge is to ensure that the teeth does not drift apart to fill the gaps.


Also known as dental implants, are roots that are implanted in the jaw to replace normal teeth roots that would have been damaged. They help to permanently hold normal or artificial teeth in place.

Advantages Of Dental Fillings

These come with various advantages

  • They improve one’s general dental appearance because most of them look and feel like natural teeth.
  • They also improve the oral health of an individual. If one initially had sensitivity or starts feeling some dental pain, dental fillings help to fix this and one can go back to feeling healthy again.
  • Dental fillings are very safe and do not have any known side effects.
  • As much as the procedure can be a bit expensive, the fillings are durable and last for a very long time. Depending on what one opts for, there are some which last up to ten years.

Things to consider when choosing a dental filling procedure:

  • Know your problem: Before deciding on the specific filling you want; you need to get checked by a qualified doctor. The doctor will make sure that you get the right solution to your problem. They will check your teeth and even do an x-ray before recommending the right procedure. A chipped or broken tooth will not receive the same treatment as a decayed one. A tooth gap will need a different procedure compared to a cavity. Thorough screening from a doctor helps to identify this.
  • Experienced expert: It is recommended that you get an experienced dental practitioner to walk with you through the process. The options are many but not all have specialised in working on teeth. If possible, visit the dental clinic Brooklyn NY and talk to the dentist face to face.
  • Cost: Once you know the exact problem and solution to it, find out the cost for the whole procedure. Some dental offices are more expensive, so remember to compare notes and choose the one that you can afford. While looking at affordability, remember to not compromise on quality. Find out if the procedure in covered by your insurance provider and look for an office that takes that specific cover. It is better to use insurance than pay from your own pocket, as some procedures are quite expensive.
  • Durability: Once you know what options you have to choose from, do some research on the durability of the fillings. You will want to get a filling that can last you long enough, and not one that will bring you back to the dentist every year. Choose a material that lasts you years without having to change them. You can opt for amalgam which consists of different metals and is known to last longer.

In Closing

Look into the pros and cons of dental fillings in detail, before making the final decisions. Know what to expect during the visit to the dental clinic Brooklyn NY and if you feel like things are not going well, bring it up with your dentist.

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